Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Thank you Letter at 6 Months Home

Girls are 6 month Post Placement with our social worker

The girls have now been home for 6 months and we have all flourished with grace and love from so many friends, family and complete strangers. God has wrapped His mighty arms around our family and given us abundant joy and hope. We are so excited to see how He continues to use our family and change us all from the inside out. 

Thank you to our moms who have flown out to be with us multiple times to offer us a little rest and relaxation while they get some cuddle time in with the kids. Thank you for doing dishes, making meals, bringing new toys and showering our kids with love. You have been a great blessing to us over and over again. 

Thank you to our dads for visiting and playing. For calling in the right moments just to say Hi. Thank you for going to parades, community days and fun at the park. The kids love the time together and enjoy your presence in our lives. 

Thank you to our big kids who have accepted their new sisters with open arms. Thank you for being so loving each day, for modeling great behavior and for gently showing your sisters how to attach to a family environment. Mama and Daddy are so proud of you. Each one of you are compassionate, kind,  warm hearted and tender. You have been flexible and understanding. Full of peace. Joyful. I'm so honored to get to watch you gracefully teach us how to accept, 

We love American food

Thank you to our bible study group who has listened to us process our time in Ethiopia. Being in Africa for one month in July has dramatically altered the way we see this world. The people and culture in Ethiopia are absolutely beautiful - something I hope to experience as often as possible. It would be an understatement to say that it has a challenge at times to acclimate back into an American way of life. We are grateful for our Journey Group who has been a community willing to let us process the emotions of adoption and the blessing of our family.  

Thank you to the many strangers who have lent a helping hand, offered kind comments and even paid for our dinner. Thank you to those who have offered prayer and asked if there was anything they could do to help. Thank you to the many mamas who didn't judge us when our girls got upset as we passed the food isle without eating or when we went out to eat and they cried when it was time to leave. Thank you for understanding that kids get tired and Thank you for your kindness offering help, blessing over our meal and showing appreciation for our family. 

Who me?

Thank you to our friends who have blessed us with sweet grace. We have shown up late, missed e-mails, didn't reply to texts and forgotten birthdays. We have had to bow out of events, been super late to church and at times seemed to be MIA. Yet, your love for our family continues as we pour into our children's needs. Thank you for the gifts, early morning runs, coffee breaks, babysitting and groceries. We appreciate the beautiful words of wisdom and mercy when we needed it the most. 

Sharing Food

Thank you to our girls who have allowed us to be part of their story. For trusting us to witness some huge breakthroughs and milestones. Thank you for joining us in prayer and for the blessings you bring each day. 

Thank you for the laughter and the smiles. We are so grateful that you are home with us!

Precious :)