Sunday, August 24, 2014

State Fair

An exciting day at the State Fair

This is the first year we took the kids to the State Fair. It was 90 degrees and so much sweaty fun. Thankfully, there were plenty of indoor activities, shaded areas and fresh lemonade! After two hours off exhausting adventure, we hit the road back home. Love our family time enjoying each other! 

Cuddles before we leave

Fun sights

Checking out the game and parks indoor exhibit

Brotherly love

Pony rides

Sam and Daddy getting ready for a ride

Baby goats

African livestock

Funniest looking animal at the small petting area

Cole's turn

And Kai's too

Sam riding Nemo

Kai all smiles

Roller coaster crazy - Quin, Cole and Kai

Riding Dumbo is series business

Darts, ballons and lots of surprises - No pressure Daddy!

Everyone won a prize. Good work kids (and Daddy too)

Happy babies - Ede and Ave

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