Friday, February 28, 2014

Fun Friday - Update 25

Look at her sitting up! Big girl!

We love that the girls continue to reach new milestones. When we were in Ethiopia in January the girls were attempting to sit and could do so assisted. But look at them now! A friend just got back from visiting the foster home and said the girls were sitting in their Bumbo seats playing with toys. It is comforting to hear about the girls from other Americans. This journey has truly taken a village to keep us confidently walking forward in praise.  

And speaking of village, our friends and family, we want to ask for a favor. We are in need of big, bold prayers from prayer warriors like you. Our officer will be reviewing our paperwork this coming week. Decisions will be made to move our paperwork forward or request for further evidence. We are praying that our paperwork is complete and meets all requirements to move forward. Please pray that the paperwork falls into the correct hands and that the officer reviews all documents thoroughly and accurately. Will you please join us to pray that God moves mountains for these girls? 

Father, thank you for these two beautiful babies! Thank you for caring about their best interest and for always knowing what is better than I. Thank you that your timing. For your infinite wisdom. For your sovereign, wise way. Please Lord, keep the girls healthy and safe. Please continue to help them gain weight, grow and reach new milestones. Please direct the steps of officials involved in our adoption process. We are so thankful for the help of USCIS to review our documentation in the United States. We are pleased that officers are taking extra strides to cautiously review all files. Father, we ultimately want the best for these girls. Please provide over-the-top miracles to bring them home. We trust you Father and the journey we are on together. In your sweet name we pray, Amen. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Fun Thursday - (Early) Update 24

Oh my goodness - their hair is getting long enough for pure cuteness!

Praise our Heavenly Father for His goodness! Every. single. document. that we have been waiting on, including the main one, has arrived to our agency. It is on its way to USCIS. Once there, it will be reviewed again. If cleared to move to phase 2 of PAIR, our case will be sent to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to be reviewed. Then an investigation will be opened. Thank you, Jesus!!

Heavenly Father, thank you for these beautiful, sweet girls. Thank you that we didn't have to file an extension. Thank you for delivering the paperwork in the perfect time. Please continue to bless over our case and give each officer specific details about the girls' history. Please continue to keep them safe and healthy. We feel so excited to be moving forward. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Amen. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Fun Friday - Update 23

Our super happy girl :)

The girls continue to look great! They are healthy and strong. A true blessing!!  I love this picture above. I can barely take not being able to reach through this photo and love on her. This Valentines Day I'm sending BIG hugs and kisses across the ocean to them both! Our sweet girls!

So many of you have asked how the process is going and what it looks like from here on out. Though we are close, there is still many steps that need to take place. At this moment, we are in a standstill waiting on an important document from their region. Do you remember the document that we waited on for a long time in the fall? Yeah, we are waiting on the same document again. Yes, friends, again. Without going into too much detail, the document that we had been waiting on was the the same one that had always been given at this point in the process. But because of the new PAIR requirements, the US immigration and the embassy in Addis, are now requiring further documentation from the region. So the same a different format. 

Though the time line is unfortunate, we are trying to stay positive and look on the bright side. In many ways this is great news. We've been waiting for quite a while and obviously want to move forward. And selfishly, we desire to have the girls home - like yesterday. And we want to rationalize that its unfair that they are still living in a foster home (or small orphanage). And it is. But stick with me. Both the US and Ethiopia are cracking down on corruption and crime related to adoption. There was actually a US agency that was shut down this last week. The world of international adoption, especially in Ethiopia, is standing on shaky grounds. We, however, trust that God has a great plan. When the pot gets stirred, positive changes take place. With all of this, more documentation is being required. More paperwork is needing to be reformatted so that copies can not be fraudulently made. More time is needed as scrutiny is given to each case. More and more people are focusing on ethical adoptions. Thank you Jesus. And above all, our best interest is for the sake of these girls. We stand firm in our path and still in our ways as He works out the details. We call out His name in the sake of advocating for the girls' right to a fair, ethical adoption. We trust that His timing is perfect.

After this document arrives, we will enter into the second phase of the PAIR process. An investigation will be opened and the embassy will do a thorough search for details to make sure all documentation is accurate. If all evidence and interviews still notes that the girls are in fact orphans, then we will receive our PAIR letter and can be submitted to court. From the second phase to the submission of court is 4-8 weeks now.  

Lord, thank you for these girls. Thank you for bringing beauty out of ashes. For bringing light to the dark. We are thankful your plan is greater than ours. We know you are watching over the girls. That it is you who is keeping them safe and healthy. Thank you for their sweet smiles each week. Thank you for letting us be a part of their lives. For allowing us to soon be their parents. We are so thrilled to be able to welcome them home when you allow it. Father, we ask for your protection in the adoption process. Our hearts desire is your will. Thank you. Amen. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fun Friday - Update 22

A word of praise! Both girls are feeling better and are on the mend. We got big smiles from our photos and they appear to be in good spirits. They are continuing to gain weight. Both girls are over 15 lbs. Woohoo!! 

Everyone at home is feeling much better too! Thank you Jesus! The energy level has rose and we are back to moving non stop. Running in the living room, wrestling on the couch and playing ball in the entry way. I have to admit, I missed their playful, rambunctious spirits. So thankful to have them back to themselves again! 

Thank you Father for restoring our health. Thank you for the energy in our kids. There is constant entertainment in our home. Their hearts are full and their love boils over. I'm reminded of what a blessing each child is in our home. Thank you for allowing me to be their mama. And for giving me a husband who is so helpful in our home. He is a wonderful father and a great partner in life. Thank you for blessing us so richly. Amen.  


We were getting ready for the movie to start when an advertisement for Mike's practice flashes on the screen. Kai says,"Hey, that's my dad!" They all point with excitement. Then Quin shouts," Mom, why did no one tell me before that my dad is famous?!" Lol!! Everyone in the theater laughs!! Love family nights!!


We were getting ready for the movie to start when an advertisement for Mike's practice flashes on the screen. Kai says,"Hey, that's my dad!" They all point with excitement. Then Quin shouts," Mom, why did no one tell me before that my dad is famous?!" Lol!! Everyone in the theater laughs!! Love family nights!!