Monday, January 14, 2013

K's US Re-adoption

The princess has taken the chair! Today we made it through...even with smiles. We were all terribly sick with the flu, but toughed it out (only through God's grace) to complete our US re-adoption. This was more of a formality to obtain her US birth certificate, social security card, and US passport. K has been with us for almost a year now and we know in our hearts (and legally) that she is forever ours. But even still, hearing the judge proclaim that she was our daughter again was beautiful.

Those lovely words will never grow old. 

Us and the judge. Below is the hippo beanie that the judge gave her for a special surprise. He also made the boys promise to take her some where special to eat. They were so proud :)

K and our lawyer 

Dear heavenly father, thank you again for the gift of our daughter. Thank you for all of the people - our family, friends, agency, lawyers, judges, etc - along the way that have made this dream come true. We feel truly blessed to welcome her into our family! In your name Jesus. Amen.