Tuesday, November 27, 2012

USCIS Fingerprinting

We received our appointment times and dates for fingerprinting! Next week we will go to the Department of Homeland Security, get fingerprinted (again), and then wait for our approval. When we adopted K, this took approximately 4 weeks. That would put us on track for around the New Year!

Lord, thank you for another step in the process! We are all getting so excited!! Please continue to bless this journey to Ethiopia. We pray for the child that you will soon call our son. Please prepare his heart for our family. Please open doors as we move forward and grant us favor in the details. Amen.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Home Study Complete

Our home study is complete! Now that it is finished, we are able to send the documents to USCIS, where our other paper work is waiting to be processed. Our officers will be looking over our information and approving us for a visa for a child. Once we are matched, we will file for our specific child's visa. We expect that in the next couple of weeks we will receive a letter that will give us specifics of getting finger printed at the USCIS office. Then we wait an additional four weeks or so to be cleared. Once this happens, we can send off our dossier to Africa! We are hoping that  this will happen in January.

At the same time, we are in the process of readopting K in the US. Though she is officially adopted, this allows us to get a US birth certificate, passport, and social security card. Yay! When her birth certificate arrives, it will be included in our dossier to Ethiopia with the boys'. We pray for God's perfect timing and hope that the process goes smooth on both accounts!

Lord, thank you for so many blessings each and every day. Thank you for giving us the courage and strength to step out into the adoption world again. Thank you that K's transition has gone remarkably well and that we continue to grow together as a family. Just one more big step to have her paper work complete! Thank you that our children have open minds and big hearts and are willing to accept another child into our home. We know that you will grant us favor and will have a hand in each step of the way. To you we give the glory. Amen

Our Dancer - 8 months

Her dance shoes just arrived and she loves them! K is doing amazing - to say the least! While at dance this last week, a new friend asked me about her story, and every time I have to fight back tears. Not tears of where she has been, but tears of great joy for how far she has come in just 8 months. I'm just in awe of the every day miracles that God performs.

I remember so clearly seeing her picture for the first time and just feeling overwhelming love for this little girl that God would soon call our daughter. Looking over her medical information was overwhelming, but at the same moment I felt God placing a feeling of intense peace in my heart. It seems like yesterday that we were having the "what if" conversation regarding her development and health, but just knowing without a doubt that we were to say "Yes" to her. I remember a wonderful doctor and friend saying, "It really just depends on the type of people that you are. There are no guarantees in international adoption. You have to make the call...will you come to the edge and jump or will you play it safe? I'm so glad that we chose to jump!

Lord, thank you for showing us that you are in control. Thank you for showing us the every day miracles that you place in our paths each day. I have come to appreciate so many little moments with our family. Thank you for opening our hearts to adoption and for continually sculpting us into the parents that you want us to be. We appreciate the dance of life and know that through You, nothing is impossible.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Q's 6th Birthday

Happy Birthday our precious son! We look at you and can't help but smile. You are so much like your daddy - sweet, compassionate, sensitive, caring, loving, generous, curious, and unique. You are in kindergarten and loving it. You are learning to make new friends and are gifted in school, especially reading. You love to explore and learn random facts that never seem to escape your mind (you can thank daddy for that also - he is the king of random knowledge :) ) In fact we even have a gesture that includes you lifting your pointer finger and saying, "Did you know...". You love music, education, and center time (structured play) at school.  You enjoy playing the role of "protector" and want to be a police officer when you grow up. Your favorite thing to do with your family is go to the zoo, movies, Children's museum, gym, and Air and Space Museum. You love to travel and learn about new cultures, but are not always a fan of trying new foods, unless it involves treats. You enjoy a structured environment, but are slowly becoming more flexible with routines. You love spending time with your family cuddling up on the couch watching an educational show, mastering the Ipads, or playing super heroes with you brothers.

On a recent vacation we stood at a wishing well ready to throw our coins in the water to make a wish. I asked you what you were going to wish for and your response was, "I don't need to wish for anything. I have all that I need right here in our family"! We love the peace, joy and happiness in your life! We are so happy that you choose love and try to look for the good in most situations. You keep us on our toes and remind us when we are not meeting the standards of parenting that God would like.You are learning that family means working together and that we can do anything as a team. We love that you have a heart for knowing Jesus and that you try very hard to do what is right. We appreciate your unique personality and know that God has blessed us beyond our expectations when He gave us you!

Six years ago, we held you in our arms and knew that our lives were forever changed as we admired your dark black hair and big beautiful eyes. As you wrapped your hand around my finger, we felt in our hearts that God had very special plans for you. We still believe that about you buddy, that God loves you more than words and that He has a very special plan for your life. We are so proud of you and love you so much!

Lord, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this little boy that we get to love everyday. He is the little leader of the pack and a sure joy to parent. We look forward to learning so much more about his journey in life as the years pass. We enjoy each day with him and are pleased of the little boy that he is becoming. God, please continue to protect Q, keep him healthy and bless him abundantly. We are forever thankful! Amen