Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pajama Party

C, Q, S & K

It's a Pajama Party! They are so super cute that I can barely take it! (Okay, I'm their mama, so I may be a bit biased) Here we are at our favorite little get away that holds so many fun memories for our family. We love our little mini vacations and the kids love their sleep overs. I mean, what kid doesn't love to sleep in a transformer bed! Breakfast is the time that they look forward to most. Nothing gets them moving int he morning like chocolate chip pancakes! So much fun!

Lord, thank you for our time together. I love seeing the excitement on their faces when we drive up to their favorite spot. The memories that we make together are priceless whether at home or on the go. It's such a blessing to share our lives together! Amen

                                                              My Cuddle Bug "Hulk"

                                                               My Q Diggity "Spiderman"

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sixth Month Anniversary

It's been 6 months since we were standing in a small room anxiously awaiting the arrival of our daughter. We'll never forget the moment that she was placed in our arms and we held her for the first time. Just like with our boys, God brought a love that was so deep, and flooded our hearts with overwhelming emotions. I remember taking in a deep breath as her soft skin gave way to the smell of a sweet baby. I couldn't believe that I was holding her. That the seeds that God allowed to take root so many years ago had finally come to fruition.

Time has flown by and we are enjoying each day. K is absolutely amazing. In every way we are blown away by her. She has attached well and is secure in our relationship as parents/daughter. Each day brings new opportunities for growth and we are thankful for her strong will to overcome any obstacle. K is on target for language development and talks constantly. He favorite phrase currently is, "I do self". She is very independent and loves to be helpful. Her and S can be found doing most everything together. They play well (most of the time), love to help in the kitchen, and especially enjoy time together outside.

She is running through the house and walking up and down the stairs unassisted (though we are always ahead of her and close by). There are times, that her little legs give out still, but this can be normal for a little girl with Spina Bifida. She is still doing awesome on the potty and only has occasional accidents when sleeping. We know that God will continue to strengthen her legs and bring healing in every area of her life. We put our trust in Him and ask that He continue to bless her beyond our imagination.

K is so incredibly sweet, that it would be hard not to fall in love with her. I day dream of her bio mom and wonder if she was just as incredible. The answer always comes in an instant and I know the conclusion has to be "Yes". This woman, whom I do not know, carried this child, our child, in her womb. She fed her and held her. She formed attachments with her and loved her so deeply to only want to give her the very best. I think about the dreams that she had for her little girl and knowing that it would be close to impossible to provide for her given the lack of medical access and money in the poorer, rural areas. I can't even fathom the pressure to have a "normal" child or one of a specific gender knowing that you can only have one under the "One Child Policy" without facing penalty or jail time. This woman could have aborted our daughter, especially given the medical special needs - the most severe form of Spina Bifida.. But she didn't. She gave her LIFE. I can only imagine the thoughts that went through her mind as she lay her 6 month old child on the door steps of the community health center 2 years and 3 days ago. She placed her in a safe spot where she would be found. God had a hand in knowing every detail. He knew the man that had found her, the police that would be contacted, and the events that would unfold. He knows her still and allowed her to become all that she is today. He gave her a new home, a new name, and a new love for life. He, our father, makes all things new!

Today, Lord, as we celebrate our child's 6 month homecoming, I think about the mother who gave her life. This woman will always have a special place in our hearts and she is a key reason that we continue to receive little bubbly K laughs, cuddles, and love each day.  Words cannot express our sincere gratitude to this woman, God, who we may never meet. We are so thankful for your plans, Lord, and that they are always better than we know. Amen.