Friday, July 20, 2012

S's 2nd Birthday

Happy 2nd birthday, our delightful son! My heart melts when I see your sweet face. You are such a little love bird and we are so proud of the little boy that you have become in your first 2 years. You are a wonderful combination of your mama and daddy. You are fun, interactive, sweet, cuddly, caring, sensitive and compassionate. You are flexible in your routine and open to change. When K came home, you welcomed her with open arms and you have been best friends since. You are an observer like daddy and Q. You take in each moment and are a constant learner. In your mama's arms, you will go anywhere or do anything. You enjoy being held and cuddled whenever possible. You are starting to become interested in trains, reading more, watching baby Einsteins, and listening to music. You love animals and singing songs that make their funny noises. 

Our little baby, you are growing fast! We are so thankful for you and the joy that you bring to our family! You are trying so hard to keep up with the big boys and love any attention that they will give you. You love to play outside and especially love bubbles! Below, we attached photos of your 2nd birthday present - a bubble lawnmower. You loved it!

Just two years ago, I held you in my arms and new that you were a miracle. From the very beginning of conception, pregnancy was a big challenge and the first two years haven't been the easiest for you. You have struggled with food intolerances and tummy aches. But God is healing your sweet little tummy and we have confidence that He will use these first two years to bring glory to His name. Mommy has learned so much from you and has been able to help other mommy's. You, our son, are already changing lives. We have no doubt that God will continue to use you to make an impact in this world. You are strong and courageous. Lovable and friendly. Playful and kind. We look forward to the toddler that you are becoming and the little boy that you will soon be. We have been blessed to the heavens and back to get to get to be your parents! We love you buddy, lots and lots!!

Lord, thank you for this little boy that we get to call our son. Thank you for loving S and for walking beside him each and every day. You hold him in your hands and call him Yours. You have brought him blessings and allowed him to be a blessing to others. Thank you God, that we get to have the privilege to be his parents. Please help guide us to be all that S needs in a mama and daddy. We are far from perfect parents, but trusting you God, our weaknesses are made into strengths. Please continue to bless our son and keep him healthy and safe. We find our faith in you and are grateful for filling our lives with incredible love. Amen.