Wednesday, February 29, 2012

China Travel - Day 4 Continued

Thank you, Lord! We made it into Beijing safely! Our flight was about 2 hours from Korea. We are all doing well except for being very tired and having mild colds. We hope to get rest this afternoon and pray that this mild virus will clear up soon. Even still, the boys continue to impress us as they have really just been awesome! I can't say enough, how impressed we are with the culture. People have been so helpful and have gone out of their way to make us feel comfortable. As we landed, the very pleasent flight attendants helped us off of the flight with our luggage and kids. Then at the gate, this sweet Chinese gentelman helped us take our bags downstairs, through immigration in 10-15 minutes (others were in line for about an hour), through customs quickly, with bags and all we left the airport in about 45 minutes. We can't thank everyone enough for their thoughtfullness, help, and attention to detail! We were also able to get the orphanage bags delivered safely and securely. The preschool teacher of the orphanage met us as we landed to take the extra bags to children who need them most. About 2 weeks before we left, we were given the opportunity to take supplies, such as diapers, blankets, clothes, medical supplies, etc. New Hope seeks out US adoptive families to take these supplies to increase realiability that the supplies wil make it to China and to cut down on international shipping costs. There is a chance that we may also be able to visit the orphanage/foster home since I don't believe that we will be able to see K's in Hebei. God, thank you for keeping us safe and for all of the many blessings that you sent our way during our travels. Thank you for the incredible people that we met and for introducing us to a wonderful culture. This trip went seemless and we all (7 of us) worked together great as a team. Please restore our health so that we can be 100% when we pick up K. We are so pleased to be 6 days away from meeting our daughter. Thank you Lord for this journey! P.S. There have been a few issues with our electronic devices. Our internet now seems to be working, but I have lost a couple of posts. Also, they are not showing up in the same formatt, I don't have spell check, and can't edit a post after I publish it. I just recently installed the VPN to switch from Chinese to English on the blog. We know that these are just small bumps that we will get worked out soon. Please bear with us :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

China Travel - Day 4

Las Vegas to Seoul Korea We made it to Seoul Korea after our 13 hour flight! The boys did amazing...absolutely amazing! They slept for most of the flight and were well behaved for the rest. We arrived just in time to see the beautiful sun rise! The boys are now playing in the indoor play area getting their wiggles out while we are tanking up on coffee. We are hoping to get a nap in on our next flight in 3 hours and then stay up until night time here. Since we left late Monday night, and are 13 hours ahead, we completely missed out on Tuesday. It is Wednesday morning at 8:30. We are flying Korean Air and we can't say enough great things about their service. The flight was nice, attendants were incredible, and the food was fantastic. We all loved the inividual TV's in the headrest with great choices of movies fr everyone. They gave the kids cool play bags for entertainment and the flight attendants stop by frequently to play with the boys.The culture is pleasant, friendly, and engaging. We have had a great start! On a plane full of 300 people, Mike, the only doctor that we knew of, was able to use his skills assessing a woman who was unconscious. She had a possible stroke or PE on the plane. We were 2 hours away from landing, and luckily, the emergency crew met us as soon as we landed. Please say a prayer for her and her family. The last couple of times that we have traveled there has been a medial emergency. Thank goodness, no babies have been born :) Please continue to keep us in your prayers for safe and healthy travels! We'll catch up again in Beijing!

Monday, February 27, 2012

China Travel - Day 3

Las Vegas

An emergency root canal for me 7 hours before our flight leaves for China. Enough said.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

China Travel - Day 2

Las Vegas

Today was a great day! The sun was shining and we were able to enjoy a fun day with the kids. We love meeting up with Mike's brother and his family. Our kids just have a ball together and are so much's a bit scary!

There are also some fun outlet shops close to the hotel that we were able to browse around. Then we stopped by Whole Foods to stock up on last minute snacks and goodies before tomorrow. We ate a yummy lunch and enjoyed our day!

At night, we went on a date with Brian and Krista! It was so good to catch up on some, much needed, adult time. We went out to a fabulous dinner and then drove down the strip in the sweet car B & K rented. It was a large boat that looked like a NY mob car. We had to check the trunk...just in case. I love where we are at in life. I thought to myself, years ago, this is not what going down the strip would have looked like. But today, I had a necklace on that the kids had made earlier, my hair pulled back in a pony tail, and relaxing clothes on with flats. Nothing fancy. Together, we were sharing our lives filling the car with joy and laughter!

The best gift that we feel that we can give our children is to love eachother so that we can fully love them. They got grandma time and we came back refreshed and ready for our adventure!

Lord, thank you for the many gifts today that you gave us today. Thank you for our family and for the gift of marriage. What a blessing to truly be excited about each day that we get to spend together!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

China Travel - Day 1

Omaha to Las Vegas

Ahhhhhh! The kids are cuddled up in bed asleep and now we can enjoy some quiet time together. Mike is still researching details of our upcoming trip to China and I thought I'd take the time to blog quick before bed. It was a very full day today as we rushed to wrap up our travel plans. Every night in the last 2 weeks has been busy as we haven't been able to book flights, hotels, or official travel plans until now. We have stayed up until midnight and got up at 6am almost every night.

We are safe in Vegas and excited to start our journey to bring our daughter home! The plan is to RELAX with our family and just enjoy some quiet time (well, as quiet as it can be with 5 kids under the age of 5). But first, we want to take this time to thank so many who made this trip a reality. Every day, we become more aware that it takes a village of people who support our family for us to really be able to enjoy life to the fullest. We really couldn't do it without all of you. Without staying up until midnight tonight, we'll name a few.

Thank you to our parents and family for your never ending love for us and our children. We appreciate you for accepting us for exactly who we are and where we are at in our journey of life. Thank you for being open minded and nonjudgement. We think it's incredible that you are willing to look past any cultural differences, color, disability, or weekness, and will focus on what God expects - LOVE - no matter the circumstance.

Thank you to Brian and Krista and the kids. Thanks for helping with bags today and escorting us around in your NY mob car. Thank you for loving our growing family. We are excited to spend time with you over the next couple of days!

Thank you to our friends who have been amazing! Thank you for letting us talk for hours about our adoption experience and for listening to us gush over our daughter and family. We are incredibly proud parents! There are so many of you -and you know who you are - a very special thanks!

Thank you to the McC family for letting us take their daughter out of the country. Thank you for all of your help today watching the boys, doing dishes, getting lunch, driving to Omaha.....the list goes on. We appreciate you and are so thankful for your friendship.

Thank you to Amy and John for all of the love, prayers, and support that you give our family. We are so grateful for your friendship and encouragement.

Thank you Deb for cleaning, painting, and working on my nesting projects. You are such a go-getter and we are thankful for your hard work. You are such a blessing to our family.

Thank you to Randa and Kent for sharing this journey with us. It's been a pleasure meeting you and getting to know your family.

Thank you Jim and Sarah for your continued support and encouragement. Sarah, I remember talking about this dream with you oer 10 years ago with you. Here it is! Thanks for always believing in my dreams!

Thank you Ash for your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for helping me sort through the food intolerances and for being a mama who "get's it".

Thanks to Dr J for helping us with our food intolerances and for making our trip managable regarding our diet. It's has been a pleasure meeting you. We are very appreciative!

Thank you to my women's bible study on Tuesday mornings. I can't tell you enough how thankful I am for your support and prayers. Thanks for listening to my ups and downs in the process and for your encouragment. Thank you for the baby shower and gifts. I love having such strong women in my life! You are awesome!

Thank you to our hospital, co-workers, and our offices. We can't express enough our gratitude for supporting our family and the time away. My office made a beautiful banner, signed their names, brought food, and expressed many well wishes. Every day the floor staff has asked questions regarding our trip. Thank you for your interest in our family and supporting us as we travel. Mike's staff has been amazing and we are very thankful for his partners. Both Dr's were willing to cover for him for three weeks! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A big thanks to the Holt staff for their continued support and guidance through our adoption journey. Thank you for choosing our daughter to join our family. A special thanks to Bonnie and Beth. You both rock! We are thrilled and look forward to you meeting her soon!

Again, we couldn't possible name each of you individually, but please know that you are appreciated! Are hearts are full of love and thanks.

Thank you God for spoiling us with so many amazing people in our lives! We are incredibly blessed!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Travel Approval

It's finally here! Our Travel Approval has arrived {Insert excited mama dance}!! On Monday at 11:49, we received the news! We happened to be in Fremont at the Dr's office, when I looked out the window and saw Mike jumping up and down, pointing to his phone. It took a moment to put it together, but after looking at his face, I knew. This is the look that I saw, when he asked me to marry him, the look when he said "I do", and the look that I got to experience with the birth of each of our children. I'll never forget that moment. He didn't have to say a word. We were both over over joyed! We get to pick up our daughter in just a few short weeks! Lord, thank you for blessing me with such an awesome husband and an amazing dad to our children. I absolutely love that he is so excited to be a daddy again. I'm greatful for the way that he provides for our family and for the courageous leader that he is to us. Thank you, God, for this big milestone in our journey!