Thursday, January 12, 2012

Article 5...and more pregnancy parallels

We were very excited to receive the e-mail that the US Consulate issued our Article 5! Our paperwork was sent to Beijing and we will now wait for Travel Approval. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we move forward with our adoption journey. This adoption stuff isn't for the week at heart, let me tell you. There have been ups and downs and days that have brought me to tears. It's so amazing to us that God has prepared our hearts in such an incredible way to love her.

There are so many parallels to pregnancy. To be honest, its incredible! I find myself dreaming about her, cleaning and preparing, just wondering when it will all be a reality that we will meet. There are days that I feel annoyed or a bit crabby that I want to chalk it up to "adoption hormones" (though I haven't quite convinced M that this really exists). I feel like I should be waddling right about now, as I can barely take the "wait". Instead of my belly feeling the "weight", it's my heart. Oh, it's just plain hard to wait. We are so close to having the process finalized and are ready to bring her home. Instead of waiting to go into labor, we are waiting for the phone to ring, and for our agency to tell us that we have travel approval to pick her up. We are waiting on our article 5.

When M used to scan my belly, I would lay in amazement and watch as each child would develop their heartbeats, arms, legs, and little movements. I remember feeling such deep love for them, even before we met. There was this huge sense of accomplishment as I (with God' help) was nourishing this little baby to grow and be prepared for life outside of my womb. We feel that our hearts are being nourished and that God is continually preparing us for our new life with her. We are ready! We believe that as we move forward, there are big, incredible plans in store.

We are thankful each day for K. She has already changed our lives and opened our hearts to so much more than we could have imagined. As we are drawing near to K's birthday, we think about what a wonderful gift her birth parents have given us. We are thankful that they chose to bring her into the world. We feel honored to be her forever family and we look forward to each day that we will get to spend with her.

Lord, thank you for your gift of K. We ask God, that in this time of waiting, continue to give us little encouragements and remind us that it won't be long. Soon our daughter will have a family that love her and brothers that are so very proud.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Everyone's Going!

After much prayer, the decision has been made and is official! Passports & Visa's have arrived. We will be a traveling group of 7 to China and 8 on the way home. The group will include our family, grandma M, and Miss K (our friend and helper). We are so happy that the boys will be a part of this trip and that they too will take part in the first moments with K. We are hoping that it will make her transition easier too as she is used to being around kids. Yay! The decision feels good!

We printed K's pictures and the boys tell everyone about their sister. To friends, strangers, or relatives, the conversation usually goes something like, "Did you know that we are going to China soon?!? (they don't even wait for a response as they get too excited) We will be bringing our sister home! Wait till you see her, she is sooooo beautiful!!"

Thank you Lord for our children and their beautiful hearts. Thank you for K and for giving us the opportunity again, to be parents. Thank you for each day that we spend together as a family and for continually asking us to believe big.